Full Body Vibration

Full body vibration has many benefits from tightening and toning, improving sense of equilibrium, enhancing blood circulation, and increasing bone density. It's designed to help you increase power, muscle strength, and physical performance. When used properly, they will deliver a mechanical stimulus that exercises the entire body.


Slimming: As you burn off those unwanted calories, this machine will help you tighten and tone your body, giving you a more healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Spurs Blood Circulation and Improves Metabolism:

With aging, detrimental problems such as high or low cholesterol, calcium deposits in the veins, high blood pressure, and heart disease will occur in the body. The frequent vibrations from the CBS increase blood circulation, thus expanding the veins and resolving those health issues.

Lymphatic Stimulation:

The intense movement stimulates your lymphatic system to help dissipate the released fat from the Lipo-Light. This starts the process of burning off the released fatty acids, glycerol and water.

Regulates the Neural System:

Improving the conductive ability of nerve cells, this machine regulates the neural system and mitigates neurasthenia.

Stimulates Intestines:

With the high vibration frequency, this machine will refresh you by stimulating the intestine and alleviating constipation by massaging essential points according to ancient Chinese medical theory.

Better Constitution and Enhances Immunity:

Keep your mind and body fit, without the burden of stress and have a better constitution while enhancing your immunity.